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Novistone is making luxury stone sustainable. Driven by the revolutionary material Plastcrete, Novistone creates natural stone alternatives from recycled sources.

Plastcrete closes the loop of waste material, making it the first truly sustainable stone. Our luxury materials have a unique look and feel, customised to your needs. Combining this with leading technical performance, Novistone can be used in thousands of applications.

Natural stone tells a story of how it is formed. Novistone products have a story of their own, from the material origin to the end of life and beyond.

Novistone products are unique, beautiful and can be customised to tell your story. For example, a hotel can commission a bar top made with glass from the bar

A legacy exists within Novistone products and your contribution is just a part of its continuing journey.


At Novistone we want to make the world more beautiful and more sustainable.

When we see discarded material, we see the potential to make something beautiful. We will not stop at eliminating the use of virgin raw materials, we will reduce the amount of waste in the world, helping our oceans and land.

We uphold industry-leading standards for the origin of all our raw materials. Artisanal manufacturing and technical engineering unite within Novistone products, creating unique parts with a story.

Novistone parts reduce waste not only at the start but at the end of life as well. In addition, we have eliminated waste material during manufacturing, reducing costs to the customer and the planet.

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Novistone is based at Imperial College London and built upon research by leading material science and civil engineering. Technology and Engineering is at our core and we deliver products to the highest technical standards.

Plastcrete is a constantly evolving technology, improving technical performance and increasing the range of possible applications. The material is exceptionally strong and easy to work with. With strength greater than concrete and unique features of repairability and manufacture, Plastcrete reimagines what we expect and demand of stone.


Novistone offers a mix of raw slabs of Plastcrete and beautifully designed furniture. Parts can be made to order with customised specifications.

Customers can expect every Novistone product to be upheld to the highest standards, with a clear material lineage and end-of-life support.