Natural stone is extremely beautiful and has a longstanding history. Under the surface, however, is a darker side of the story.


Stone quarrying has a substantial environmental impact. A vast amount of energy is used to mine stone from quarries, transport them across continents and cut them to shape. They are often enjoyed for just a few years, then discarded.


At the same time, plastic is filling up our landfills and oceans, devastating ecosystems and making the world we live in less beautiful.

In 2010, 275 million tonnes of plastic waste was created, with most of this ending in landfills and 8 million tonnes entering the ocean. With only about 9% of plastic being recycled worldwide, new uses for waste plastics can make a big difference.1


We are a team of engineers from Imperial College London who want to solve environmental challenges by using materials that would otherwise go to waste.


We believe sustainability can be beautiful and valuable. We started Novistone to demonstrate this, and are thrilled to bring our revolutionary new material, Plastcrete, to the luxury furniture market.

With its circular lifecycle and remarkable technical and aesthetic qualities, Plastcrete can make a real difference to the environment, without compromising on the quality and beauty of interior design.

  1. Geyer, R., Jambeck, J. R., & Law, K. L. (2017). Production, use, and fate of all plastics ever made. Science Advances, 3(7), e1700782. Available at: http://advances.sciencemag.org/content/3/7/e1700782.


Neel Le Penru is the founder and Chief Executive Officer; he oversees the operations of the team and business development.

Chris Turner is the Chief Technical Officer; he leads the material research, prototyping and testing.

We are a team of four passionate final year MEng Design Engineers with experience in leading technology companies including Dyson, Ocado, RHEON Labs and Reactive Robotics.

Alfie Thompson is the Chief Design Officer; he leads the design work of the company, developing its brand, digital presence and product design.

Gordon Cheung is the Chief Information Officer, in charge of communications and organisation of the team.

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